Flotation Therapy: Pain Relief For Pregnant Women

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Many pregnant women have a relaxation epiphany when they try flotation therapy. Flotation therapy allows them complete relief from the stress placed on their body as their baby grows larger every day. Even into their second and third trimesters, women can enjoy the deep relaxation offered by flotation therapy. Of course, it is wise to discuss the concept with your doctor first and obtain medical clearance.

Why Pregnant Women Love Floating

Especially as women enter their third trimester, the strain placed on their bodies can result in intense discomfort. Flotation therapy is popular with pregnant women because the weightless environment allows them to float in a similar fashion to their baby. While floating, these women can gain an intense form of rest that is difficult to achieve in any other environment during pregnancy. Floating can initiate a deep sleep that allows pregnant women to awake refreshed for the first time in months.

While floating, muscles are encouraged to stop working so hard and relax into the soothing environment. As the muscles relax, pregnant women begin to experience relief from the nagging aches and pains associated with pregnancy. For the first time since the start of the pregnancy, the strain is lifted from the spine. Flotation therapy is reputed to help with intense back pain, so many women find it useful to employ flotation therapy as a method of managing their back pain during pregnancy.

In addition to easing back pain, flotation therapy offers pregnant women a chance to find relief from the pressure placed on their lungs and organs. Consequently, pregnant floaters enjoy the chance to breathe deeply as the pain disperses. Relief from stress usually follows, which allows pregnant women to leave flotation therapy sessions feeling completely refreshed, both physically and mentally.

Bonus Benefits of Flotation Therapy

In addition to the release of pain and stress, pregnant women stand to particularly profit from the other benefits attributed to flotation therapy. For instance, some researchers believe that flotation therapy is able to right some hormonal imbalances. Since pregnant women are experiencing intense hormonal changes, any improvement of hormonal imbalances can only be favorable.

Pregnant women also report that their babies were soothed by the experience. Without any external pressures, the babies feel no need to kick or roll, which allows their mothers to enjoy ultimate relaxation and rest.

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