Floating: The All-Weather Relaxation Technique

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Summer has arrived, and for Tacoma residents, the season turns their city into a hot, wet place to live. In June alone, Tacoma received about 1.57 inches of rain, and although the average high is 77, humidity makes the air feel much hotter and stickier. Although some Tacoma residents enjoy this type of weather, dealing with it daily can wear on the hardiest people. If you need a break from hot, humid, and sometimes unpredictable weather, Northwest Float Center is here for you.

Dealing With Summer Stress

The weather is only one factor in summer stress, but it’s a big one. For most families, summer means children and teens are out of school, so there’s more pressure to keep everyone entertained. Many of these activities take place outdoors, increasing the likelihood of sunburns, sun poisoning, and heatstroke. Additionally, constantly rushing from one activity to the next increases stress.

As the body wears down, you may experience more physical and mental symptoms than usual. The more stimuli your brain must process, the worse these symptoms feel. That’s why Northwest Float Center offers complete sensory deprivation using our 240-gallon tanks. Each tank is filled with 950 pounds of salt, which helps bacteria, viruses, and toxins leave your body. We recommend floating in darkness with the tank door closed to ensure total sensory deprivation. This will help you meditate and relax.

Will Floating Help Me Beat the Heat?

Yes, absolutely. Most people think the best relief from heat is cold water, so some of our clients are taken aback when they learn our water is kept at body temperature. The truth is, water will shock your system if it’s too cold. This will set your nerves on edge and throw your brainwaves into overdrive as they attempt to process the abrupt temperature change. Floating in water calibrated to your body temperature feels natural and soothing, so you can relax more easily.

Engage in Some Alone Time

Summer heralds more parties, family reunions, camps, and other get-togethers. While these provide plenty of social stimulation, they can leave you feeling drained. Float therapy is crucial during summer months because it gives you time to be completely alone. This actually helps your brainwaves recalibrate themselves. That way, you can be more engaged when you need or want to socialize again.

If you want to start floating this summer, contact us today to make your first appointment.

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