How Floating Might Help You This Election Year

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Seattle, WA and the surrounding cities are hotbeds of political activity. Since 2016 is a Presidential election year, the pressure and stress of working in political circles has already increased. By autumn of this year, it’s sure to reach a fever pitch. If you’re a political insider looking for a way to escape physically and mentally, floatation therapy at Northwest Float Center might be what you need.

Dispelling Floatation Therapy Myths

Many people who have heard of floating are skeptical. They’ve tried meditation and many other practices that promise to free their minds, only to feel stressed as they try not to focus on anything during the process. Others assume floatation therapy will “empty” their minds and leave them unable to transition back to the real world at the end of a session.

Our floatation therapy, however, isn’t about emptying the mind. Modern float tanks are instead branded as REST (restricted environment stimulation technique). In other words, because you see, hear, and feel nothing in a float tank, the only stimulation you get is from inside your body. However, the only way your body stimulates itself is by letting itself fully relax. After only a few minutes of floating, you’ll disengage physically and mentally from the noisy world as completely as possible.

After a float session, you won’t feel your mind is empty and unfocused. To the contrary, your cognition will likely improve. This is invaluable if you’re a political insider in Washington with a plethora of election-related tasks on your plate. Floating will help you juggle these more efficiently and do well in all of them, especially if you schedule many appointments during election season.

Specifically Tailored Experiences

At NWFC, we believe anyone can float regardless of their body type, cognitive needs, or preferences. We tailor each floating experience to fit individual clients, and we communicate with clients to learn what they enjoyed or felt needed improvement for each session.

Our team deals regularly with many common worries associated with float therapy. For example, some people are uncomfortable floating nude; you can wear a light bathing garment if you like. (Please ask our team about appropriate clothing, as some will interrupt the sensory deprivation experience). Some people eschew floating because of claustrophobia; NWFC offers both open and closed tanks. Even in an open tank, you’ll get the full sensory deprivation experience because outside stimulation will still be blocked.

If you work in political circles and the election hubbub is stressing you out, don’t put up with any more mental or physical symptoms. Contact us and schedule a floating appointment.

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