Floating Benefits for Students

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School is stressful. Studying, research, projects, and tests can leave secondary and post-secondary students feeling drained and mentally foggy. Instead of turning to all-nighters and insane amounts of caffeine, many modern students prefer holistic brain-boosting therapies including meditation, yoga, and floating. And for good reason – these practices help calm mind and body, while helping regulate sleep and achieve mental clarity. If you’re feeling run down from the school year, here’s the argument for ditching the 3 a.m. pizza and scheduling a float session, instead.

It Boosts Your Creativity

Students of the creative sciences, take note: Sensory deprivation has been associated with an increase in creativity. In fact, a small study of 40 university students found that a single hour in a float tank increased scores on a standardized test meant to measure levels of creativity. Another study found that professors were better able to generate creative ideas that fueled their work.

You don’t need to be in the liberal arts to benefit from a float session, however. This works just as well for engineers struggling with an end-of-term project or anyone needing a few minutes reprieve from a final paper.

It Controls Stress Levels

Whether you’re prepping for a standardized college entrance exam like the ACT, writing your college application essays, or researching for your thesis, the pursuit of academics always carries stressors. Sensory deprivation therapy, like that in a float tank, effectively quiets the mind and helps students achieve mental clarity.

Though the term “sensory deprivation” may bring stressful images to mind, the reality is the opposite. In fact, a meta-analysis of over 1,000 studies on sensory deprivation found the vast majority of the participants – some 90% – found the experience “deeply relaxing.” If you’re looking for a brain-boosting way to relax and regroup before diving back into work, a float session is a good option.

Affording Your Float

We know that for many students, floating can seem cost-prohibitive. But, never fear. We offer lots of flexible options for college and high school students who want to experience the benefits of a float session. We offer gift cards, so give friends and relatives our contact information around the gift-giving holidays! Our gift cards make the perfect present for grads, current students, and everyone who needs a few moments of relaxation.

We also offer promotions on a regular basis. To see what our current offerings are, contact us and schedule your float session.

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  1. Jaque Christo

    Thank you for the post on the benefits of floating for students. I definitely think a float tank is an amazing way to de-stress and boost creativity. The benefit of sensory deprivation means your body can fully relax and your mind doesn’t have to work on collecting all that information anymore and it can take a breath so to speak.

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