Floating For Athletes: Natural Physical Enhancement

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Did you know that floatation therapy is a great resource for athletes who want to enhance their physical performance in a natural way? Although floating is most often used in order to gain relief from pain and stress, many athletes have found that the benefits go beyond that. Floatation therapy allows you to heal your body in order to achieve physical enhancement.

Natural Healing

By placing your body in an environment that eliminates the effects of gravity, your body is able to focus on quicker healing throughout the body. Many athletes have found that regular float sessions allow them to recover from injuries in a shorter amount of time so that they can return to their sport more quickly. In the 1980’s, the Dallas Cowboys used floatation therapy to speed up the recovery time of injured players.

Even if you are not suffering from a specific injury, floating can enhance your physical capabilities by promoting the health of certain functions in your body. For instance, floating encourages lower blood pressure and a slower pulse rate. Both of these shifts help your muscles relax and allow blood to flow more freely through your body. As an athlete, you want your entire body to work together in order to use your energy efficiently.

Heightened Concentration

After floating for an hour, you will experience heightened mental clarity that can be highly beneficial to your athletic endeavors. For example, one study found that participants in a rifle marksmanship course achieved significantly higher scores after spending time in a float tank. They were both more relaxed and more concentrated, which allowed them to achieve better results than those who did not have the chance to float.

Golfers in particular have also found that floatation therapy before a competition helps them experience increased focus. Floating allows golfers to release their stress and anxiety so that they are completely concentrated on their strategy on the course. Although floating provided particularly striking advantages when practiced immediately before a round of golf, the effects of floating can continue to enhance your performance for several days after a session.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect about floatation therapy for physical enhancement is the fact that it is completely natural. With floatation therapy, there is no need for unnatural drugs. Floating allows your body to heal itself so that you can maintain your peak physical capabilities.

Have you ever used floatation therapy to promote physical enhancement? How was your experience?

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