Floatation Therapy: Ultimate Relief During Pregnancy

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As pregnant women come closer and closer to full-term, their entire body is put to the test as the weight of the baby causes stress on their joints and muscles.

Many women find that it is virtually impossible to get comfortable during this time. Floatation therapy is becoming increasingly popular with pregnant women because it offers intense pain relief that they can’t receive anywhere else.

The main reason that floating is beneficial during pregnancy is the fact that pregnant women are able to escape the pressure of the added weight of the baby when they float. By entering a weightless environment, all of the weight and strain is lifted from the body. Floating is especially useful for providing relief to the spine and pelvis during pregnancy.

The Mirror Effect

One interesting aspect of floating while pregnant is the concept of the “mirror effect.” When your body is suspended in the float tank, it is experiencing a similar sensation that the baby is experiencing in the womb. By mirroring the baby’s experience, many women find that floating allows them to deepen their connection with the child, both emotionally and physically.

While floating, the normal aches and pains of pregnancy are reduced as the woman gains a sense of calm and comfort. The pressure of the baby on the mother’s organs is reduced, allowing the mother to truly rest and even sleep. During your third term, floating may be the only chance you have to experience intense rest.

Experts recommend that pregnant women float prone in order to achieve the greatest benefits for themselves and their baby. By lying on your stomach, you can fully immerse your stomach in order to receive maximum relief. Rest your elbows on the floor of the tank so that your hands can support your chin. However, if floating prone makes you uncomfortable, floating on your back is still highly beneficial.

Health Benefits

Floating offers many physical and mental health benefits to pregnant women. Mentally, pregnant women often have many things to worry about, but floating offers them a chance to detach themselves from the rest of the world and simply focus on bonding with their child.

Since sleep is often an issue, especially towards the end of the pregnancy, floating is a wonderful way to gain significant rest. Floating has been shown to help with insomnia and provide deep sleep at night for days after a float session. In addition, floating reportedly offers many other health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure and higher levels of endorphins.

Have you tried floatation therapy during pregnancy? What benefits did you experience?

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