Floatation Therapy for Pain Management

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Floatation therapy can provide more than stress relief. Floating can help you manage chronic pain. From rheumatoid arthritis to old athletic injuries, our tanks at the Northwest Float Center are ready to help you overcome your discomfort.

The Problem With Pain
Thousands of Americans struggle with chronic pain every single day. People of all ages can experience the discomfort associated with diseases and injuries alike. If you’re one of these people, floatation can boost your pain relief efforts and potentially replace medication all together.

How Floatation Helps

Floatation Therapy helps manage pain on two levels: mental and physical. The physical aspect is the most important for many people, but improving the state of your mind can go a long way in dealing with chronic discomfort.

One of the biggest ways floatation helps with physical pain is by relieving muscle and joint tension. When you’re in one of our tanks, the near half-ton of Epsom salts make the water much denser than your body. You float completely effortlessly, allowing all of your muscles to relax fully. This isn’t possible while you’re lying on the bed or couch because your body still experiences pressure points and stress on joints. When you’re completely surrounded by the water, however, all you feel is relief.

Floatation also nurtures the mind, which can suffer from chronic pain more than you may think. Dealing with the idea of hurting every day can spur bouts of depression and anxiety. When you’re lying in a float tank without outside stimulation or physical discomfort, you can allow your mind to relax deeply, throw out negative thoughts, and start fresh.

Floatation Combination Therapy

If your current pain relief plan isn’t enough, it can be frustrating – especially for those of us who need to take medication to manage the discomfort. It can feel like you’re never going to manage your symptoms and that you’re living your life halfway.

Adding floatation to your regimen is a natural way to get a better handle on your pain. It compliments every other pain management approach, from yoga to cold compresses to physical therapy. You don’t have to settle for your current plan alone.

Medication Replacement

For milder cases of chronic pain, floatation could actually replace medication entirely. The effects are so powerful and long lasting for many people that they can forego relying on prescription or over-the-counter pills to deal with their condition.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, what are you waiting for? Come to the NWFC and try floatation – you have nothing to lose but discomfort!

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  1. Riya Patel

    What a great resource! You really break down Floatation Therapy for pain management in a way that’s easy to understand. Most people suffering from chronic pain often think that there is one treatment option for them, when really a comprehensive approach like this is the best option. Thanks for sharing!

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