Floatation Therapy Home Runs: Famous Sports Teams are Floating

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The health benefits for athletes who participate in floatation therapy are nearly endless.

It is for this reason that even some of the most famous and revered sports teams use floatation therapy to improve their performance. From keeping athletes at the top of their game during the season to helping them recover from injuries, floatation therapy has proven to be a crucial part of many teams’ wellness strategy, not to mention their game-winning one!

The Athletes Benefitting from Floatation Therapy

Just like many professional sports teams and individual athletes have started using practices like yoga and ballet to improve flexibility and coordination, many are also engaging in floatation therapy to be their best. The Dallas Cowboys, for example, have used floatation therapy to great effect in the past. The team began encouraging players to use floatation therapy beginning in the 1980s, and credited it as a contributing factor to their win of the 1993 Super Bowl. The Cowboys continue to utilize floatation therapy today. Two teams from Philadelphia, the Eagles and the Phillies, also use floatation therapy.

Floatation therapy has also been a significant part of training for many Olympic athletes. One of the world’s most renowned track and field stars, Carl Lewis, used floatation therapy to help him mentally prepare for his long jump competition, for which he eventually won the gold medal. The Australian Institute of Sport, the main training body for Australia’s Olympic teams in multiple sports, also features floatation therapy as part of their training schemes.

How Floatation Therapy Helps Athletes

The benefits of floatation therapy for athletes are many and varied, and generally fall into two categories: psychological and physical. As any athlete knows, performance in sports isn’t just about what you can do with your body, but also how intently you can focus and how far you can push yourself past the point of comfort. The relaxing nature of floatation therapy helps athletes to improve mental focus and stamina and reduce pre-game anxiety.

Physically speaking, floatation therapy reduces pressure on muscles and joints. This can help reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness and decrease the healing time of more serious injuries. Additionally, floatation therapy relaxes the muscles and improves circulation, both of which can further speed healing.

Not Just for Professionals

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of floatation therapy. Whether you play amateur sports, frequently enjoy the great outdoors, or simply get in a solid workout a few times a week, floatation therapy can be a great way to improve your mental focus, reduce pain, and speed healing, as well.

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  1. James Ramsey

    I talked with Emmit Smith not to long ago and specifically asked about the float tanks the Cowboys had in the 1980`s and he said they had been removed before he got there in the 90`s and won the Super Bowls. I don`t think they ever got them replaced and using them today.

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