How Floatation Therapy Helps Keep Your Resolutions

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As we settle into the New Year, people resolve to start healthy behaviors or change unhealthy ones. The most common resolutions involve losing weight, quitting smoking, or reducing lifestyle-related stress. Most people break their resolutions a few weeks in, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Floatation can help you meet your goals for 2018 to be happier and healthier the rest of your life.

Float to Lose Weight

Most people have made resolutions to eat less and exercise more. It’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. After the holiday season of indulgence, many people feel bloated and uncomfortable, and they’re extremely aware of all the junk they just put in their bodies.

The problem is that calorie reduction makes the body feel deprived. Exercise raises your metabolism so you feel even hungrier. Before long, the stress of daily living causes you to hit the drive-thru or bake a big batch of fresh cookies. With so many other things vying for your attention, you barely notice the calories you’re stuffing in your mouth. The stress hormone cortisol makes your body pack on fat.

Floatation therapy allows your body to release cortisol and other stress hormones, improving your metabolism. Your body releases dopamine, a hormone associated with reward. You experience the pleasure and comfort you’ve been seeking from food without the calories.

Floatation also promotes self-awareness. Instead of mindless munching, you spend time becoming aware of what your body is experiencing, how breath moves through your lungs and any anxiety you’re feeling. You emerge more likely to stick with healthy eating habits.

Float to Break Addictions

Top treatment centers across the United States use mindfulness exercises like meditation to help people who struggle with substance abuse to break free of unhealthy habits. When individuals have time for experiencing their emotions without judgment, their body provides the reward and pleasure response they used to find in substance abuse.

If your New Year’s resolution involved smoking cessation or drinking less, floatation therapy can help you meet your goals. You’ll find yourself more relaxed after spending time in introspection and your body will begin to heal itself from the toxins to which it has been exposed.

Float to Reduce Stress

Fox News recently reported on the effectiveness of floatation therapy in stress reduction. Professionals and entrepreneurs use float sessions to unplug from their busy lifestyles and refocus their minds. The restricted environment provides participants a place to clear their mind and experience deep relaxation.

Northwest Float Center is open seven days a week, even during the holidays. Contact us to schedule your float today.

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