How Floatation Therapy Helps Individuals With Muscular-Skeletal Conditions

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For many individuals who suffer from debilitating muscular-skeletal or rheumatic issues, pain may seem like an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, many of these health problems don’t have effective cures or long-term treatments, so many people find they are left to manage pain on their own.

Floatation therapy offers huge benefits for these individuals. Even though floating won’t cure muscular-skeletal or rheumatic conditions, it can offer significant relief from the pain and discomfort of normal life. Although there are a wide variety of health benefits that can be gained through floating, the following advantages offer the most help to people suffering from rheumatic or muscular-skeletal pain.

1. A Release of Endorphins

Floating triggers a release of endorphins at a certain point during a float session. Once these endorphins are released, they spread through the body and provide completely natural pain relief. As the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins work at the synaptic level to inhibit the transmission of pain.

As pain transmissions become blocked by endorphins, the floater unconsciously adjusts his or her perception of pain. By shifting the focus away from pain, endorphins allow the floater to let go of tension and depression so that he or she emerges from the float tank with a newly improved state of mind.

2. Relief From Gravity

Many patients suffering from rheumatic or muscular-skeletal conditions are particularly grateful for the release from gravity allowed by floatation therapy. In everyday life, gravity places a constant pull on the body that tends to increase muscular-skeletal pain.

While spending time in the float tank, floaters can experience a complete release from gravity thanks to the Epsom salt that aids in floatation. With absolutely no pressure from gravity, your body has a chance to realign and readjust so that pain decreases gradually and dramatically, providing effective and natural relief.

3. Significant Pain Relief

Both the release of endorphins and the relief from gravity contribute to reduced pain in the float tank, relief that can also extend for hours or days after a float session. Many floaters report they have less pain and sleep better for several days after floating. For patients dealing with muscular-skeletal or rheumatic problems, this period of pain relief can feel almost miraculous.

If you’re living with daily pain, don’t hesitate to try a session of floating! Visit your nearest float center to find out more about the many health benefits of floatation therapy.

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