Floatation Therapy for Fitness Gurus

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For fitness gurus everywhere, it’s a constant challenge to find ways to speed up recovery and get back in the gym. Whether you are an athlete, body builder, or personal trainer, you may be interested in the incredible benefits of floatation therapy for recovery.

Physical Recovery Benefits of Floatation Therapy

When you overwork your body or expose muscles and nerves to extreme conditions, the body naturally responds by telling you to slow down and recover. However, these symptoms of physical exertion can sometimes linger for long periods of time and prohibit you from continuing to exercise and train. Floatation therapy has proven to speed up recovery by reducing lactic acid build up, eliminating fatigue, reducing pain, relaxing the mind, improving circulation, and lowering levels of cortisol.

Injury Recovery Benefits of Floatation Therapy

According to Jeff Bond of the Australian Institute of Sport, “[athletes use] float tanks for three main purposes: recuperation and rejuvenation, injury rehabilitation, and neuro-muscular programming.” The injury benefits of floatation therapy include faster healing, reduction in inflammation, and less pain. When used in conjunction with other forms of medicine and rehabilitation, floatation therapy can be specifically used to promote healing in fractured bones, strained joints, spinal misalignment, structural misalignment, and back and neck issues.

Athletes Using Floatation Therapy

One of the most notable athletes to publicly mention the use of floatation therapy as an integral part of his training regimen is Manchester United player Wayne Rooney. As one of the highest paid soccer players in the world and most distinguished athletes, his backing proves floating is a reliable treatment option. Rooney owns his own floatation tank and uses it as much as 10 hours a week.

Other famous athletes and teams publicly using floatation therapy include Taekwondo black belt and Fear Factor and UFC host Joe Rogan, Olympians Carl Lewis, Phillips Idowu, Tasha Danvers, and Jade Johnson, the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Philadelphia Phillies.

Northwest Float Center

If you are an athlete, trainer, or fitness guru, you should consider floatation therapy as part of your recovery process. It has proven to be an effective and relaxing form of therapy for thousands of individuals. At Northwest Float Center, we offer the perfect place to start floating. Whether you have years of experience floating or have only just heard about it, we would love to assist and help you with every part of the process. Contact us today for more information, and let us know how we can help you implement floatation therapy into your recovery regimen.

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