Floatation Therapy: Compact Relaxation for Business Professionals

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As you navigate the pressures of the business world, it may be difficult to find ways to relax that fit into your busy schedule.

However, it is important to set aside time to yourself so that you can find relief from stress. Floatation therapy has begun to gain widespread popularity among business professionals because it provides incredible healing and rest after only an hour in the float tank.

Short and Sweet

Although one short hour may not sound like much of a break from your busy life, you will be amazed at the difference that one hour can make. When you enter the float tank, the darkness eliminates visual stimulation while the atmosphere of the lukewarm water and air reduce the sensation of touch. In addition, once your ears are resting underwater, you won’t be distracted by any noises. With so many senses minimized, an hour in the float tank can feel like an incredibly long time!

During that hour or so in the tank, you can either sleep or get lost in your thoughts. An hour of sleep in the tank feels like several hours of normal rest. That means that you can return to your workday relaxed and refreshed. Even better, floatation therapy can even help you sleep more deeply for several nights following your time in the tank!

Business professionals may also benefit from staying awake in the tank in order to explore their subconscious. Floaters report that their time in the tank can inspire new bursts of creativity and innovation as they consider various problems in their lives. If you’re trying to deal with a difficult situation at work, mull over it while you float to see if you can discover a new approach to solving the problem.

Intense Healing

As a business professional, you may have developed chronic aches and pains caused by repetitive movements or stress at work. Floatation therapy promotes pain relief for even the most serious cases. Many people who suffer from chronic diseases use floatation therapy to manage their pain, so business professionals will likely find that their normal aches and pains disappear after spending time in a float tank.

Floatation therapy even creates physical changes in your body that tangibly improve your health and reduce your stress. For instance, your blood pressure lowers while you are in the tank and your heart rate slows, both of which contribute to you feeling more relaxed and positive.

Visit Northwest Float Center today for a relaxing break from your career as a business professional!

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