How Floatation Therapy Changes Brain Waves for the Better

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If you have not heard of the “Brain Wave Explanation” for the benefits of float therapy, then you may be missing out on some of the most valuable information around for this type of therapy.

Thanks to the research that has been done on the way that floatation therapy alters electric signals within the brain, we now have even more evidence of the myriad ways that floatation therapy can provide a path to better mental and physical health.

What Are Brain Waves?

“Brain waves” certainly sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but they’re really quite simple to understand. Essentially, your brain is full of nerves communicating with each other using chemical and electrical signals. When scanned by an EEG machine, the electrical frequency of these signals appears as waves of differing shapes and amplitudes depending on the current state of your brain.

When you’re awake and active, your brain produces these waves at a higher frequency, known as Beta waves. The more relaxed you become, the lower the frequency gets. Lower and lower frequencies are known as Alpha, Theta, and finally, the slowest, Delta waves, which are produced when we’re asleep.

Floatation Therapy Changes Brain Waves

For most of us, it’s impossible to achieve those deeply relaxed Theta and Delta brain waves without falling asleep. However, floatation therapy removes the influence of many of the external stimuli that keep our brains constantly moving, easing us into a state of deep relaxation. When measured with an EEG scan, people in floatation tanks typically show a move from more active Beta and Alpha states into a Theta state.

Slower Brain Waves Reduce Stress, Promote Healing

So what’s the importance of this deep relaxation? First of all, a more relaxed state instantly stops feelings of anxiety, which can prove to be a benefit for both people with moderate stress and for those with anxiety and panic disorders. As this point, it is well known that ongoing stress can cause countless health issues, from hypertension and heart disease to the inflammation that may cause certain chronic diseases.

Additionally, the body is better able to heal from injuries when the brain is in a more relaxed state. This is because the parasympathetic nervous system can take over, and it mediates the healing process by restoring balance to the metabolism and chemical states within the body. Plus, floatation therapy can reduce pressure on the joints, relax the muscles, and improve circulation, all of which further improve healing and promote good health.

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