How Floatation Therapy Can Improve Your Self-Awareness

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Taking a break from gravity allows your mind and body to have a chance to take a break and become more self-aware. You’re bombarded every day by sensory input. When you remove that input, you can focus on what’s happening inside you. Give yourself space for self-reflection, clarify your motivations and re-center around what’s important. Here are some of the ways floatation promotes self-awareness.

Float Therapy Gives You Silence

Before you can hear your inner thoughts, you need quiet. Float tanks are completely soundproofed. If your cell phone goes off, you won’t hear it. If other people talk outside your private therapy room, the tank blocks their voices.

When you take away external stimuli, you can concentrate on yourself. Relax and focus on your breathing. Realizing there’s no danger of being interrupted, you’ll find you are able to focus on your goals, emotions, and dreams in a way you rarely experience anywhere else.

Float Therapy Releases Endorphins

In a floatation tank, you’re completely weightless. Your brain releases endorphins that naturally improve your mood and make you feel good. Your parasympathetic nervous system floods your body with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that decreases anxiety and depression.

Think about your behavior patterns and habits. Floatation therapy aids in addiction recovery, because it both enhances feelings of well-being and allows for deep introspection.

Floatation Therapy Changes Your Brain State

People who float say a session makes them feel like they’ve been in a deep meditative state. This happens because during floatation, your brain cycles between alpha and theta brainwave patterns. Alpha brainwaves are what your brain experiences when you’re wide awake.

Theta patterns are what your brain switches to when you’re drifting off to sleep. Theta pattern brainwaves promote creative thinking. They allow you to visualize your thoughts while you’re awake but relaxed, providing self-awareness and clarity.

Floatation Therapy Relieves Pain

You can’t focus on your thoughts if you’re hurting. Float tanks immediately relieve stress on joints by suspending you in a weightless environment. Your muscles relax, allowing them to heal faster. Floating improves circulation, getting more oxygen to the muscles. Magnesium absorbed through the skin from the Epsom salt provides fast recovery from muscle soreness and sports injuries.

Eliminate pain while you’re inside the float tank so you can focus on your thoughts. After your floatation therapy session, you’ll find you’re better able to achieve the goals you set inside because of your reduced stress and pain.

Invest in your health with floatation therapy. Call Northwest Float Center to get started today.

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