How Floatation Therapy Can Help You Recover From Your Camping Trip

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A camping trip in Washington can be a ton of fun, but they are also work. Camping trips tend to be hard on your body, and your muscles may be tight or sore after long hours of hiking or sleeping on the ground. Here’s how a floatation therapy session can help you recover and heal after camping.

Loosen Stiff Muscles

When you hike, you use your legs in ways they’re not used to. No matter how athletic you are at home, not much compares to powering up a steep mountain carrying heavy gear.

Camping also requires heavy lifting. If you carried firewood, loaded down coolers or other heavy items it’s likely you have tightness in your arms and shoulders.

Setting up a tent works your muscles (and your brain) in unique ways. Rock climbing, canoeing, and white-water rafting are awesome ways to experience nature, but they also challenge your body.

There’s a reason top athletes like Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, and Aly Raisman use floatation therapy. Floating reduces the amount of lactic acid built up in your muscles, causing that feeling of soreness. Floating also improves circulation to get more oxygen to your muscles, so they heal faster.

Floating Helps You Relax

Even though you just got back from a trip, you still need to relax. You went camping to get away from it all. When a trip ends, you have to go back to the stress of work and family responsibilities. You may have planned your getaway for months, now it’s over. It doesn’t take long for tension to creep back in.

Floatation therapy provides a mini-getaway. Your phone can’t ring, your boss can’t send you an email, everything that causes stress falls away. Cortisol, a stress hormone floods your body when you’re stressed. Our Epsom-salt infused salt water helps your body replenish its supply of magnesium, which fights cortisol and eases the symptoms of stress.

Refresh Your Body and Your Brain

A 2001 study showed spending time in a floatation tank reduces pain, decreases anxiety and depression and boosts your mood. People who float fall asleep faster and sleep better than those who don’t.

After camping your skin is rough from outdoor exposure. After floating you’ll find your skin is exfoliated and softened by the Epsom salt.

Relax, de-stress and recover from your camping trip with floatation therapy. Contact Northwest Float Center to reserve your float today.

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