Floatation for Athletes

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How do athletes benefit from floatation after an intense training session or injury? Athletes can identify areas of tension through the feeling of weightlessness. When you float, gravity doesn’t affect the body as intensely, and the whole body can relax more fully than usual. Athletes commonly have specific areas that experience increased stress and fatigue, and weightlessness allows them to pinpoint the parts of their bodies that require the most attention.

Floatation for Muscles

Massage therapy is common among athletes in all different sports and activities, and floatation can work in tandem with the benefits of massage therapy for a more thorough healing process. Floatation reduces blood pressure and oxygen intake while increasing red blood cells and blood flow throughout the body, loosening sore muscles. Massage therapy can then help those muscles heal more quickly.

Floatation therapy also has a cumulative effect. That is, the more you use floatation therapy, the greater the benefits. Athletes can not only alleviate their sore muscles and speed up recovery times from injuries; they can increase the effects of training exercises by allowing the body to have a period of deep relaxation. Some of the clear benefits of floatation for athletes include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Accelerated recovery from sports injuries
  • Regulated body chemistry and boosted immune system
  • Reduced cortisol and lactic acid levels
  • Deep relaxation and recovery from fatigue
  • Improved sleep patterns and quality

Regulating Body Chemistry

Floatation therapy also encourages the body’s natural painkillers and reward hormones, such as dopamine and endorphins, to be released into the bloodstream. This process also allows for a speedier recovery for athletes by helping flush adrenaline, cortisone, and lactate that may have built up. Athletes who float can reset their metabolic and chemical balances while accelerating the recovery process with the release of large quantities of endorphins.

The Epsom salts used in floatation therapy are comprised of magnesium sulfate, which means athletes are naturally absorbing a protein building and muscle relaxing compound through the skin as they float. This helps boost athletic performance by augmenting a training routine and giving the athlete sufficient healing after fatigue.

Athletes can find several benefits with the floatation therapy offered by Northwest Float Center, and they can train harder and recover faster with regular floatation therapy. If you’re an athlete looking for a way to boost your training regimen or you’re interested in a natural therapy that will increase your energy, improve your body’s healing processes, and amplify your athletic performance naturally, reach out to Northwest Float Center today.

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