Float Your Way to Holistic Stress Relief

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As our busy schedules create incredible stress in our lives, many of us are constantly searching for a reliable way to reduce our levels of stress. Although there are many ways to relieve stress, most of them treat symptoms instead of providing holistic stress relief. In order to achieve lasting relief from the effects of stress, try adding floatation therapy to your regular routine.

The Road to Holistic Stress Relief

Floatation therapy is based on the research of John C. Lilly, a scientist who was interested in the effects of sensory deprivation. Float tanks allow you to cut out the sensory overload of your normal life so that you can enjoy utter relaxation. By floating in water infused with Epsom salts in a dark tank, you are able to let go of your tension and stress.

Many people sleep while floating, but floating can also be used as a time to explore your inner self. If you want to release your stress while floating, you might want to use this time to examine your mental and emotional state in order to deal with the sources of stress in your life. However, many floaters experience stress relief simply from surrendering to the complete relaxation found in the float tank.

Why Floating Relieves Stress

Floatation therapy offers several benefits that contribute to stress relief. To start with, the utter relaxation of floating is a major form of holistic stress relief. By taking intentional time to leave your worries behind and simply float, your body and mind have a chance to relax and heal. With no physical, mental, or emotional pressures, you can completely focus on yourself.

Floating can create physical shifts in your body that contribute to holistic stress relief. For instance, floating causes your blood pressure to drop, which is a physical symptom that is often associated with intense stress. At the same time, your pulse rate slows so that blood can circulate more easily throughout your body. As your body relaxes, your mind and emotions will follow suit.

Pain relief is another common goal of floatation therapy, which can also contribute to the decrease of your stress levels. Pain can generate extremely high levels of stress, so as the pain disappears, so will your stress. Experiencing such an intense time of rest can also work wonders for your level of stress. When you exit the tank, you will feel refreshed and ready to deal with the pressures of your normal life!

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