Float Your Way to Fertility

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Enhanced fertility is an often-overlooked benefit of floating. When couples are trying to get pregnant, there are a myriad of options for them that promise to increase their chances. However, many of these methods require unnatural treatments that are not good for holistic health. Floatation therapy is an invaluable option because it is completely natural and focuses on treating the root cause of the problem, which is usually stress.

The Problem of Stress

Stress is particularly problematic for women who are trying to get pregnant. Since it inhibits the body’s ability to conceive a baby, many women who spend their time in fast-paced work environments or other stressful situations find that they have issues with fertility. In many cases, doctors recommend taking breaks from work, minimizing social activities, and even resorting to bed rest to reduce stress.

How Floating Helps

Floatation therapy allows women to achieve total relaxation in an environment that encourages the stress to melt away. Like bed rest, floatation therapy focuses on helping women relax completely. However, floatation therapy is even more effective than bed rest because 1 hour of rest in the tank is equivalent to several hours of sleep. As stress disappears, fertility is enhanced. Even better, many couples who use floatation for the purpose of enhancing fertility find that they don’t need to resort to unnatural treatments.

One of the factors in floating that helps with stress relief is that it triggers the release of endorphins. These endorphins allow the floater to leave the tank feeling positive and refreshed, which improves the stress-relieving benefits of a float session.

Tips for Enhancing Fertility Through Floating

To take the greatest advantage of floating for fertility enhancement, most women adopt a regular routine of floating. Ideally, a woman should float every two or three days for a month to maximize her fertility. This regime should continue through her fertile period to keep her body relaxed and stress-free.

During her time in the float tank, the woman should focus on releasing all of her worries and tension and replacing them with positive thoughts about her fertility. Many women wishing to conceive may use this time in the tank to meditate, which will increase their mental relaxation and clarity.

If you are struggling with fertility in the Tacoma, Washington area, pay a visit to Northwest Float Center. We can help you set up a floating routine that will reduce stress and enhance fertility.

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