Float Tanks and Summer Relaxation

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Summer is many people’s favorite time of the year, especially here in Washington, where our winters hit so hard. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful season. Summertime can bring lots of juggling work, vacation, home renovations, daycare, and navigating traffic, just to name a few things. With tension levels higher than ever, it’s a great time to experience floating.

Zap Summer Stress

All the factors mentioned above can take the fun out of your summer months. When you undergo float therapy, you can disconnect from the world and give your brain a chance to catch up. Seventy-five minutes in one of our tanks can give you a fresh mind and a newfound sense of determination to tackle your seasonal projects and obligations.

Relieve Pain From Summer Fun

Nice weather and family activities may leave you a bit worse for the wear. Adding new activities into your day can cause joint pain, inflammation, bruises, and even cuts and scrapes. The environment of a float tank is conducive to healing. The magnesium sulfate draws out swelling and toxins, kills bacteria, and can rejuvenate your skin. The physical process of floating also takes pressure off of your body and gives overworked areas like your knees and back a chance to recover.

Escape the Heat

In a float tank, the water is a steady 94 degrees Fahrenheit—almost exactly your body temperature. This is neutral on your skin and is an excellent way to beat the heat. You may think you’d simply warm up the water, but a single human body can’t change the temperature of 240 gallons of water; especially when machinery regulates it. Plus, being in contact with the water will actually cool you quicker than moving air alone.

Prepare for Your Vacation

Few things are worse than embarking on your vacation and carrying the stress of work and home along for the ride. Come in for a session before you leave, and your ultra-relaxed state will carry on through your trip. Just like you wouldn’t take your clothes without your suitcase, don’t expect to stock up on relaxation if your mind isn’t ready to take it.

In truth, there’s never a bad time to float, but summer certainly makes a marvelous choice. Come in for a single float and give it a try, or save more than 40% when you opt for our discounted, three-visit beginner’s pack. Already a float enthusiast? Try out our memberships for better prices and a more consistent state of being.

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