Float Centers: An Essential Destination for Wellness Tourists

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Have you heard of wellness tourism yet? Although the concept hasn’t been around very long, wellness tourism is a quickly growing industry that is expected to take off in 2014. Wellness tourism encompasses a wide variety of destinations, but float centers are proving to be one of the most popular attractions.

What Is Wellness Tourism?

Essentially, wellness tourism is the practice of planning vacations around different wellness treatments. For instance, a wellness tourist might organize a trip to visit a series of spas in a different part of the country that offer special treatments he or she may not have access to at home. In addition, wellness tourism offers travelers the chance to experience more exotic treatments in more unique or remote settings.

In some cases, wellness tourism may be about more than simply relaxation. Many of these travelers are interested in participating in special exercise regimes or detox programs. No matter the venue, wellness tourism is designed to enhance the health of your body and mind during your vacation.

Why Floatation Therapy?

Although many wellness tourists travel to elite spas, float centers are a popular destination for several reasons. In many cases, individuals are interested in floatation therapy but don’t have easy access to a float center in their area. They must travel to a float center in order to experience the many benefits of floating.

Another reason travelers might choose to spend time at a float center is that they are able to float with more frequency than they would in the midst of their normal routine. For those approaching floatation therapy with the intention of meditating, prolonged time in a float tank can be beneficial. Additionally, floaters seeking to gain health benefits, such as pain relief, may see greater improvement through extra time in the tank.

Tips for Planning a Wellness Vacation

There are several factors to consider when organizing a wellness-centered trip. To embark on a trip that will fulfill all of your goals, ask the following questions during the planning process:

  • Do I want to spend time at one establishment or visit a variety of places? Some wellness tourists might want to spend time getting facials at a spa, receiving massages at another spa, and floating at a float center, while some travelers might choose to spend all of their time at one float center or spa.
  • What are my health goals for this vacation? Are you looking for healing for a specific health concern or just overall wellness and relaxation?

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