Float Away Your PMS Symptoms

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Menstrual periods can be a minor irritation or a major problem. Some people can go through their day as normal, and even forget about having their period. Others have an experience so severe they have to stay home from work once a month. Severe PMS symptoms are no joke; they can be relentless and stubborn, refusing to respond to medication.

Being unable to get out of bed once a month interferes with personal relationships, jobs, school, and feeling like an able person. In cases where medication can’t help, many PMS sufferers find relief in alternative treatment options. Floatation therapy is one route, and it has a high degree of success. Which PMS symptoms can an hour in the float tank help?


No matter what time of the month or your gender, hormone related mood swings are common. For those who experience periods, their occurrence is just more predictable. PMS sufferers often report depression as a common monthly symptom. Some experience severe depression and even suicidal thoughts. These severe negative moods can interfere greatly with daily life.

Regardless of the sources of depression, floatation tanks have been shown to help. 70% of patients reported floatation therapy easing their depression, putting REST on the same level as counseling.


Anxiety often comes hand in hand with depression for PMS sufferers. Feelings of anxiety can lead to difficulty sleeping, impaired concentration, and increased depression. Anxious depression can be particularly stubborn to treatment, as the feelings have a tendency to feed one another. Anxiety is also exacerbated by stress, and when in an anxious state due to PMS, everyday actions can lead to increased stress.

Stress relief is one of the primary reasons many seek out floatation therapy. An hour in the sensory deprivation tank is an hour during which the brain need not respond to anything as a potential threat. The brain then enters a dreamlike state called Theta. This complete relaxation has lasting effects for stress relief.


Cramping, bloating, and soreness, particularly in the abdominal area, are some of the most common PMS symptoms. With a very high concentration of Epsom salts, floatation tanks offer intense relief from many kinds of pain. The emotional effects of PMS are sometimes hormonal. Other times, the physical pain is severe enough to lead to anxiety and depression. The alleviation of pain can mean significant emotional relief as well.

If you suffer from PMS symptoms and are looking for an effective solution, floatation therapy could be for you. Contact the Northwest Float Center to find out more.

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