Float Away Your Back Pain

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People spend more time hunched over computers or slouching around in recliners than ever before. Part of the problem is the inherent lack of space for physical activity. We end up staying inside instead of moving our muscles. Thus, back pain is a serious side effect of our modern lives. In fact, more than 31 million Americans are dealing with chronic back discomfort. Luckily, a visit to Northwest Float Center can help soothe your pain and get your life back on track.

Why Floatation Is Effective for Back Pain

Floatation therapy is so popular because it’s incredibly effective. Time in our chambers can help heal back pain because it gives you a chance to recover mentally and physically. Chronic back pain isn’t just about the sensations in your body; it’s also the depression and frustration from being unable to live your life the way that you want or used to.

Floating eases these mental ailments by helping you relax. When the warm water and the sensation of being weightless envelop you, it’s easy to leave all your stressors behind. As your anxiety and tension unravel, your muscles will do the same. Your body will release endorphins (natural painkillers and mood boosters) as a side effect of the relaxation. You’ll experience much greater mental clarity along with physical pain relief.

It’s easy to see fast results for treating back pain with floatation therapy because it works in multiple ways. First, it relaxes the muscles, taking some of the pressure off your spine. The longer your muscles are relaxed, the less inflammation you’ll experience.

As this swelling recedes, circulation will improve throughout the body. Increased blood flow is an important factor in healing soft tissues, which we often damage when we overcompensate for back pain. It also helps lessen pain in other areas, such as the feet—which tend to suffer due to spinal discomfort.

Floating eases pain even further because you no longer have to contend with gravity pressing against certain points. You’re too buoyant to sink in our tanks, and the warm water supports you completely. Many people experience back pain because of pressure on spinal discs. When you remove the force of gravity, you may feel very fast relief—plus an extended reduction of pain.

If you’re one of America’s chronic back pain sufferers, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Book a float session with Northwest Float Center, and see what temporary weightlessness can do to help you deal with your condition.

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