Five Things to Avoid Before Floatation Therapy

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A floating session should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that leaves floaters feeling refreshed and serene. However, floaters should avoid a few things before a session to ensure an optimal experience. If you have scheduled a floating session or are floating for the first time in the upcoming future, avoid the following things before you enter the float tank.

Stimulants Such as Caffeine and Nicotine

We know it might be hard to say no to a cup of coffee in the morning or to avoid lighting a cigarette. However, it is important for floaters to refrain from any type of stimulants prior to a floating session. Stimulants will impede a person’s ability to enter a state of profound relaxation while in the floating tank. Those who consume stimulants prior to floating generally find it hard to relax or access higher levels of relaxation available when engaging in float therapy.

Dyeing Your Hair

Many people like to color their hair, but the chemicals in hair dye should not be combined with the materials in float tanks. Color leakage can result in serious damages and require hefty clean-up costs. Not to mention ruining a new dye-job for the floater.

Eating Too Much or Too Little

Eating too much or not at all before a float will most likely leave you in the tank enjoying the sounds of your digestive tract. This is not what you want to be focusing on when trying to maximize the sense of relaxation. In order to ensure this does not happen to you, try eating an easily digestible meal approximately 1.5-2 hours prior to your floating session. This will satisfy your hunger and still provide ample time for your digestive system to process your meal.


Avoid shaving before floating or else you’ll have to deal with profound levels of irritation salty water can inflict upon open skin. In order to make sure your float is as relaxing as possible, be sure to wait at least 6 hours or more after shaving your legs and 12 hours after any other area of the body before enjoying floating session.

Skipping a Shower Before or After a Float

Taking a shower right before your float can assure your skin and hair is free of dirt and oil. This enables the skin to more easily ingest, and receive the most benefits from, the magnesium in the float tank. Showering after a floating session assists you in rinsing off the salty water.

In order to access the benefits of a floating session, contact the Northwest Float Center to schedule your next floating appointment.

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