Find Your Inner Creativity with Floating

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Although floatation therapy is heralded for its ability to reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote good health, many people also appreciate floating because of its ability to promote creativity. In fact, floating can draw out an entirely new sense of creativity. Although it is hard to explain why this would happen, it has been suggested that deep internal reflection gives rise to new creativity.

Floating completely removes external stimuli, which forces floaters to turn inward. As you delve deeper into your subconscious, you may discover a new source or inspiration for creativity. In fact, in this heightened state of imagination, you are accessing some of the same types of brainwaves that produce your dreams. In this entirely mental environment, none of your physical distractions hold you back from exploring your creative ideas.

For the Creative Types

If you already consider yourself a creative type, floatation therapy may still be beneficial for your creative side. Creative individuals often use floating to explore current creative ideas in order to infuse their creative process with something new. Your mind is full of creative potential, but you have to access it in order to use it.

Creative, artistic people may find that floating helps them to overcome creative problems. If you are feeling stagnant in your forms of creative expression, floating may allow you to develop new ideas that will bring a renewed sense of excitement to your work. It’s a great way to break through your creative block! You will be amazed at the depths of the creativity hidden in your subconscious.

For the Non-Creative Types

For those that don’t consider themselves to be creative, floating may unleash a brand-new sense of creativity. As you discover more about your subconscious, you may find that you have wells of creativity that simply needed to be released. As you float, allow that creativity to grow in your mind.

Even if you don’t experience an overwhelming sense of renewed creativity, the opportunity to float will allow you to gain a better understanding of yourself. Don’t be afraid to get caught up in the emotion of the experience – many floaters use the situation to meditate and come to terms with their emotions.

Whether you enjoy enhanced creativity in the tank or not, you are sure to benefit from the stress and pain relief provided by floatation therapy. Everyone has a unique perspective on the benefits of the tank, so focus on the aspects of floating that are a positive influence on you.

Have you experienced heightened creativity while floating?

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