Why Family Floating Makes Sense

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Most people come to floatation therapy sessions on their own, but floating need not be a solitary experience. It can be a positive experience to share floating with loved ones to foster connection and understanding.

Family floating can have many significant benefits, above and beyond the health benefits experienced by individual floaters. Moreover, floatation therapy is safe for people of any age or health condition, so all members of the family can join.

It is often with loved ones that people struggle the most to communicate. For innumerable reasons, it can be difficult to feel a connection with those we are closest to.

Families that engage in joint activities are happier and closer, and feel a sense of joy and peace. However, with the hectic lifestyle many American families adhere to, there can be little time for this necessary connection. Family floating sessions can help.

The benefits of floating for couples are well known. Many people report a sense of connection and oneness with their partners when they float together. This experience allows them to transcend physical boundaries and communicate deeply and honestly. Even after a float session, couples may feel more able to talk about issues they have struggled with previously.

Floatation therapy presents a unique opportunity for parents and children, as well. With the freedom from physical sensation that comes during floating, parents can communicate more easily with their children and share a transformational experience. Many parents are excited by the possibility of guiding their child through a safe and profound experience.

Children often benefit even more than adults from floatation, since they are usually more open to new experiences. However, some children are may be intimidated by the prospect of floating with parents or siblings, but those who try it find themselves wanting to return for more. Many even say that they made new discoveries about themselves and their parents while floating.

Family members that float together report being able to work through issues or confess feelings that had previously made them uncomfortable. This can bring the entire family together, and strengthen relationships between individual members of the family.

Many underestimate the effect of physical tension on their ability to communicate with loved ones, but once they experience the openness that floating brings, they wan to return time and again. Beautiful experiences beg to be shared with the important people in life. Visit the Northwest Float Center website today to find out if floating is right for you and your family.

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