Discover the Benefits of Coco Libre: Organic Coconut Water

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Coconut water is a staple in many healthy diets across the nation. Known as the ultimate thirst quencher, coconut water is packed with nutrients that help improve skin, digestion, blood pressure, and more. Coco Libre is the drink of choice for anyone looking for delicious nutrition. Northwest Float Center is happy to offer this healthy beverage to clients.

Health Benefits of Drinking Coco Libre

Coco Libre is one of the world’s leading coconut water manufacturers, using coconuts fresh from the Philippines, along with other all-natural ingredients and processes. Coconut water has a wide range of health benefits, which explains why the drink is so popular:

  • Boosts hydration. Coconut water has natural ingredients that are effective at hydrating the human body during rigorous exercise. Per glass, coconut water has 294 milligrams of potassium (more than the amount found in four bananas) and only 5 milligrams of natural sugar.
  • Facilitates digestion. Coco Libre’s beverages provide a source of relief to people with digestion problems. Coconuts naturally contain a high concentration of fiber, an important ingredient for digestive health. Drinking coconut water regularly prevents indigestion and reduce episodes of painful acid reflux.
  • Reduces blood pressure. If you suffer high blood pressure due to a lack of electrolytes, as is the case for many people, drinking Coco Libre helps serve as a balancing mechanism. Coconut water contains electrolytes that restore the body’s balance and lower blood pressure, especially if consumed at the start of the day.
  • Includes several nutrients. Coconut water is rich in nutrients, with five essential electrolytes found in the human body: calcium, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, and magnesium. The unique composition of coconut water makes drinking Coco Libre beneficial to people with a variety of health conditions or for an everyday boost of nutrients.

Coco Libre makes coconut water beverages with a purpose that extends beyond simple nutrition; they deliver organic hydration, natural protein boosts, and nutrients your body needs to feel and perform at its best.

Coco Libre at Northwest Float Center

The Northwest Float Center is proud to sell 15-ounce cans of Coco Libre in the retail shop. The coconut water is available to all clients. Coco Libre is a new addition to the list of immensely beneficial health food and drink items offered at the Northwest Float Center to complement the therapeutic float experience. To schedule your floatation therapy session and enjoy a hydrating Coco Libre beverage afterward, contact our friendly representatives in our Tacoma, Washington, location today.

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