Common Fears Associated with Floatation Therapy

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Although floatation therapy is a relaxing, luxurious experience, many people are reluctant to try it for the first time. This hesitance is due to a number of fears. Most of these fears are completely ungrounded, because a float tank is a safe, secure environment. Additionally, there are certain steps you can take to manage specific fears. If any of the following concerns are deterring you from trying floatation therapy, don’t wait any longer!

Will I Feel Claustrophobic?

Claustrophobia is one of the greatest anxieties associated with floating. The concept of willingly placing yourself in a small, dark space can seem frightening. However, float tanks are generally much bigger than first-time floaters expect. Moreover, claustrophobic floaters can always leave the door of the tank open to minimize their fears.

I Dislike the Dark

The darkness in the float tank is a key element in the sensory elimination that allows you to completely relax. However, for those who truly don’t want to experience the complete darkness of the float tank, most tanks allow you to either leave low lights on or to leave the door open so light can enter.

Could I Drown?

Although many people worry that they could drown in the tank if they become so relaxed that they fall asleep, there is almost no chance of drowning in a float tank. Thanks to the presence of Epsom salts, you float weightlessly in the water. On the off chance that you flip over (which would be difficult to do), the salt in your face would be uncomfortable enough that you would immediately wake up.

I’ll Feel Out of Control

Many first-time floaters are leery of feeling as if they don’t have control over the situation. However, floaters are always completely in control of the tank. If you wish to end a session early, you can turn on the lights and open the tank door at any point. However, letting go of that need for control makes the experience of floating much more relaxing.

I Don’t Want to Hallucinate

Hallucination can be scary for many people, so the idea that floating may trigger hallucinations may seem unappealing to many people. However, hallucinations are most often experienced by long-time floaters who are practice deep meditation while floating. First time floaters can minimize their chances of hallucination by leaving the tank’s door open or playing music.

If you are ready to conquer these fears and try floatation therapy for the first time, visit Northwest Float Center in Tacoma, Washington!

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