A Clear Mind and Creative Halloween

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Floatation therapy and Halloween costumes might not seem related, but you may be surprised. Floatation tanks reduce stress, which will help you plan your party or just enjoy the holiday more. Floating is also a brilliant way to clear your mind and get those creative juices flowing so you can come up with the best costume idea of the year.

More Than Just Pain Relief

Many people use floatation therapy to treat pain or a specific affliction such as depression. They also turn to floating for help managing stress and disengaging from reality. This is only logical; it’s naturally effective and supremely relaxing.

This isn’t the only thing time in a float tank is good for. Using an immersion chamber can help reboot creative processes and grow new ideas. This is especially useful around Halloween, when you need to be at your best mentally.

How Floatation Causes Theta Waves

Time in a floatation chamber essentially tricks your brain into behaving as if it’s asleep. It will begin to produce theta waves, which are special patterns that occur before you doze off, before you wake up, and during the deepest meditations. Why are they helpful? This brain pattern brings vivid imagery, creative thoughts, euphoria, and sudden inspirations. If you’ve ever woken up with a brilliant idea, it’s most likely due to theta waves.

Even aside from costumes, having a clear mind can help you decorate and host the most interesting and enjoyable party possible. During your time in the float tank, you can push away everyday stressors and other problems from life. When you emerge, your entire brain will be clear—and you can put all of your force into pursuing new ideas or improving existing ones.

Imagine taking notes for a month on one sheet of paper. Eventually it would become so crowded and jumbled that you wouldn’t be able to read it. The same thing happens in your brain. Thoughts and feelings build up over time until you can no longer see the paper (yourself, in this case). The kind of deep meditation associated with floatation therapy is like tossing out the scribbled sheet for an entirely new one.

Northwest Float Center has been Tacoma’s premier floatation destination for the last three years. We invite you to come in and try a session. For only $68, you can change your entire outlook on life and prime your brain for the best Halloween ever.

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