4 Natural Ways to Deal with Depression

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Although many people resort to medication to treat depression, there are plenty of alternative approaches that can be utilized as well. For many people, avoiding drugs helps them to deal with their depression in a more positive and healthy way. However, depending on the recommendations of a doctor, some of these natural treatments should be used in conjunction with medication. … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Changes Brain Waves for the Better

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If you have not heard of the “Brain Wave Explanation” for the benefits of float therapy, then you may be missing out on some of the most valuable information around for this type of therapy. Thanks to the research that has been done on the way that floatation therapy alters electric signals within the brain, we now have even more … Read More

The Journey So Far

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It’s been quite a journey since last years’ Portland Float Conference.   It was in Portland that I had taken my first float and had fully committed to opening up a float center with my best friend Kriss.  There is a float center in Portland called Float On that holds the annual conference and the gentlemen who run that center couldn’t … Read More