Menopause and Floatation Therapy

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Women sometimes begin going through menopause as early as age 45, with the average woman starting at age 51. Menopause can be an uncomfortable and even frightening experience, as a woman’s body undergoes physical, emotional, and hormonal changes. Floatation therapy can alleviate physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms. Today, we’ll examine how. What is Menopause? Why does menopause make most women … Read More

How to Prepare for Floatation Therapy

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If you’ve felt stressed lately or experienced unexplained aches and pains, you may have sought several solutions, including floatation therapy. While most people are excited about their first floatation therapy appointment, they may be anxious about how to prepare and what to expect. Today, we’ll give you a basic primer on preparing for the unique and uplifting floatation therapy experience. … Read More

Some Famous Quotes About Solitude

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As our world becomes noisier and more dependent on technology, more people seek solitude as temporary relief. Fixed periods of isolation carry many mental and physical health benefits including decreased stress, a focused mind, relaxed internal systems, and more inspiration at work or school. Yet if you’re an extrovert or simply not used to solitude, finding its benefits can be … Read More

Why You Should Seek Solitude

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In today’s world full of people, noise, and technology, most people consider isolation a negative thing. Doctors warn that isolation causes depression and health problems. Teachers and parents worry about kids who seem to spend too much time by themselves. The truth is, solitude is necessary to help us live in such a fast-paced world without constant sensory overload. Periods … Read More

Benefits of Meditation in Floatation Therapy

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In our hectic and noisy world, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for people to relax. Many people practice meditation to help with this, and others go to floatation spas. Both these practices have health benefits, but combining the two serves the body and mind at the same time, helping you re-center yourself and enjoy more physical improvements. What … Read More

Why Do Objects Float Better in Salt Water?

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Many people don’t see floatation therapy as a health option because they fear drowning in the floatation capsule. Since floatation therapy can be conducted in salt water, candidates have less to fear than they think. Today, we’ll examine the science of salt water and buoyancy in an attempt to allay candidates’ concerns. Density The main reason objects float more easily … Read More

Why Family Floating Makes Sense

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Most people come to floatation therapy sessions on their own, but floating need not be a solitary experience. It can be a positive experience to share floating with loved ones to foster connection and understanding. Family floating can have many significant benefits, above and beyond the health benefits experienced by individual floaters. Moreover, floatation therapy is safe for people of … Read More

The Floatation Experience

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Floating in a sensory deprivation tank can elicit several types of responses. The experience is different for everyone, but this knowledge can be scary for first time floaters. Whether you’ve never floated or have several times, all experiences are unique and can be described in as many ways as there are words. Below are a few responses to floating and … Read More