The Difference Between Floatation Tanks and Spas

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Floatation tanks can be difficult for regulatory boards to license appropriately. In some countries, a floatation tank is subject to the same safety and regulatory requirements as a spa. However, this doesn’t take into account the specialized conditions floatation tanks require to function as designed. How Floatation Tanks Are Kept Clean One of the benefits floatation tanks have over spas … Read More

Benefits of Floatation for Individuals With ADHD

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Although many children daydream and display signs of distraction, normal hyperactivity levels in a person with ADHD are amplified to nearly unmanageable degrees. Some symptoms may improve as the child ages, but the condition itself doesn’t just go away. People diagnosed with ADHD may require support, therapy, and medication throughout their lives. Part of the difficulty experienced by individuals with … Read More

The Basics of Operating a Floatation Center

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As floatation centers gain popularity, it is only natural that budding entrepreneurs want to jump on the bandwagon and open their own relaxing location. Unlike opening a retail store or a branded fast food restaurant, floatation center openings are not well documented. If you’re interested in working at or opening a floatation center, many of established centers are willingly to … Read More

From the Spirited to the Technical: The Evolution of Floatation’s Clientele

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While John C. Lily may have been interested in the brain’s reaction to external stimuli, the benefits of floatation therapy have extended beyond his initial research and have progressed markedly over time. No longer exclusive to psychoanalysts or the spiritual, floatation is more and more sought after by the rest of us. Before moving on to its popularity, let us … Read More

Bronchial Benefits: Asthmatics and Floatation

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Some of the benefits of floatation are more abstract, but what could be more concrete than improved breathing? Though it may be difficult to imagine exactly how a tank filled with saltwater can help the body regulate breathing, some asthmatics are suggesting it does. There are four key components to floatation therapy that improves breathing and reduces asthma symptoms. The … Read More

International Recognition: The World’s Reaction to Floatation

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The hype regarding floatation therapy is well deserved. In just the last ten years, the Bay Area of San Francisco has opened ten new floatation centers. Colorado’s Front Range has six more locations of its own. Floatation businesses are popping up all over the country, and the businesses are thriving. How has this craze caught on? What does the rest … Read More

Floating in Recovery: Hidden Benefits for Eating Disorder Patients

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Eating disorders are a disease affecting men and women of all nationalities and age groups across the nation. Multifaceted, the desire to control the intake of food often finds its roots in issues of body image, self-esteem, cognition, and emotional management. Recognizing an eating disorder early is crucial when combating the disease. Long-term habits are more difficult to break, and … Read More

Water Yogis: The Shared Benefits of Yoga and Floatation

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Since the 1960s, the benefits of Yoga and mindful thinking have spread throughout America. Many of the ideologies behind these practices, such as mindfulness, stress relief, and relaxation share common results with floatation. The holistic connections and real benefits shared by these two activities are amazing. Researchers are beginning to connect how the mind and body are linked. On the … Read More

Restoring Mind-Body Awareness Through Floatation

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From pain to stress relief, floatation has continued to gain popularity as an unorthodox (and effective) treatment for an array of physical and mental conditions. These include everything from tangible muscular pain and fatigue to harder-to-define difficulties, such as depression. At the root of many of these conditions is the integral connection between the mind, constantly engaged, and the body, … Read More