Floatation Therapy for Pain Management

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Floatation therapy can provide more than stress relief. Floating can help you manage chronic pain. From rheumatoid arthritis to old athletic injuries, our tanks at the Northwest Float Center are ready to help you overcome your discomfort. The Problem With Pain Thousands of Americans struggle with chronic pain every single day. People of all ages can experience the discomfort associated … Read More

Float Away Your Back Pain

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People spend more time hunched over computers or slouching around in recliners than ever before. Part of the problem is the inherent lack of space for physical activity. We end up staying inside instead of moving our muscles. Thus, back pain is a serious side effect of our modern lives. In fact, more than 31 million Americans are dealing with … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Helps Individuals With Muscular-Skeletal Conditions

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For many individuals who suffer from debilitating muscular-skeletal or rheumatic issues, pain may seem like an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, many of these health problems don’t have effective cures or long-term treatments, so many people find they are left to manage pain on their own. Floatation therapy offers huge benefits for these individuals. Even though floating won’t cure muscular-skeletal … Read More

Managing Back Pain With Floatation Therapy

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Back pain can be tremendously debilitating, decreasing quality of life and causing loss of work and enjoyment in physical activity for those who suffer from it. While back pain can be difficult to manage, floatation therapy is turning out to be an important tool in the arsenal of those who seek to minimize their pain and get on with their … Read More

Floatation Therapy Home Runs: Famous Sports Teams are Floating

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The health benefits for athletes who participate in floatation therapy are nearly endless. It is for this reason that even some of the most famous and revered sports teams use floatation therapy to improve their performance. From keeping athletes at the top of their game during the season to helping them recover from injuries, floatation therapy has proven to be … Read More

The Reemergence of Floatation Therapy for Alternative Pain Management

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Chronic pain is a common problem that often seems to have no cure. Pain is different for every individual, and although there are numerous medications and therapies for treating pain, many still do not find relief. This leads those experiencing chronic pain to attempt alternative therapies for pain management. These therapies come in many formats, such as herbs rather than … Read More

How Flotation Therapy Can Boost Benefits from Chiropractic Treatment

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Flotation therapy can have extremely beneficial effects on your muscles and joints, and it pairs even more successfully with ongoing chiropractic treatment. Many people find that they get better physical results by combining these two treatment modalities. Both flotation therapy and chiropractic care can help release muscle spasms and leave your body feeling strong and rejuvenated. Combining Flotation and Chiropractic … Read More

Floating Away Your Chronic Pain

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For people with chronic pain, it can sometimes feel like there is simply no relief available. Many chronic pain patients, however, have never heard of flotation therapy, a treatment that can be a real revelation and result in much improved quality of life. For conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome, flotation therapy can provide real pain … Read More