Kick Off Summer With a Float Session

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For parents, kids, and families, the summer is a time to relax and refresh after a hectic school year. Summer break, however, is short and usually packed full of events. Sometimes, it can seem like we’ve traded the busy school year for an equally busy summer. Finding relaxation in the busy summer months can be just as hard as any … Read More

3 Surprising Benefits of Solitude

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In a busy, fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Isolating yourself has a negative reputation, but it’s a good habit to practice and has many benefits. Floatation therapy is one way to practice solitude and relax your mind and body. Some of the benefits of isolation are: Increase in creativity Decrease in frustration Improvement in … Read More

How to Meditate Effectively During Your Float Session

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Float therapy is a way to assist meditation through floating in a pod filled with salt water that matches your body temperature. Once inside, it allows one to reach a meditative state quickly, which helps with concentration, relaxation, and creativity.  Several techniques will deepen your meditation and help you get the most out of your float therapy session. Here are … Read More

Meditation Techniques to Maximize Your Floating Experience

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Commonly seen as a way to release stress and receive physical relief, float therapy is also an excellent method for enhancing overall mental clarity. With no exterior stimuli to disrupt you, a floating tank is the optimal place to meditate. Practicing breathing awareness and meditation techniques can dramatically enhance the state of relaxation experienced in the float tank. Struggling to reach … Read More

A Clear Mind and Creative Halloween

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Floatation therapy and Halloween costumes might not seem related, but you may be surprised. Floatation tanks reduce stress, which will help you plan your party or just enjoy the holiday more. Floating is also a brilliant way to clear your mind and get those creative juices flowing so you can come up with the best costume idea of the year. … Read More

Mind and Body: Benefits of Meditation

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Floating in one of our tanks is a truly incredible way to relax. There are few sensations comparable to floating weightlessly in a stimulation-free room. It’s so effective because it offers a unique and immersive type of meditation. When you’re not visiting Northwest Float Center, you can still destress using meditation. In fact, frequent sessions offer an incredible selection of … Read More

How Floatation Helps Navy SEALS Recover From Concussions

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Navy SEALs face some of the most challenging circumstances on the planet. They’re called into action to serve and protect in the diverse terrains of sea, air, and land. Unfortunately, their service often comes with a price: illnesses and injuries caused by combat. The good news is that floatation therapy is an excellent tool for healing concussions and other injuries … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Helps SAD

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Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Floatation therapy can help tremendously, especially during the beginning and middle of winter when weather is harsh. What Is SAD? SAD is a disorder that strikes most often during the change of seasons. SAD causes depression, usually at the onset of fall and throughout the winter season. SAD sufferers report a decrease … Read More

Should People With Cognitive Disabilities Float?

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People with cognitive disabilities are often told what they can and can’t do in life, and they are shielded from common activities all the time. Floating is one example. It’s natural to wonder if a cognitively disabled person should float, but it’s actually safe. Plus, there are many benefits, too. Safety The science behind floatation therapy explains why it is … Read More