Make Mindfulness Your Resolution in 2018

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One of the reasons floatation therapy is so effective is that sensory deprivation causes individuals to live in the moment. They become aware of their breath, their heartbeat, and the flow of their thoughts with nothing else to distract them. The relaxation and calm experienced in the floatation tank can extend between float sessions with the practice of mindfulness. Here’s … Read More

What NOT to Do Before Your First Float

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You’ve decided to try reduced environmental stimulation therapy (REST) and are excited to experience the touted benefits, such as relaxation, reduced stress, and decreased muscle pain. The day of your appointment is fast approaching, and you’re starting to wonder what you should and shouldn’t do before your treatment. The Dos Here are some tips to get you ready for an … Read More

Preparing for Floatation Therapy the Night Before

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Floatation therapy is a great way to alleviate stress. Ironically, right before the first floatation experience, many people develop anxiety. There are some important considerations to make in order to calm down and adequately prepare for the tank. Every center is a little different, so go over the rules where you are before a first-time session, even if you floated … Read More

Claustrophobia and Floatation Therapy

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Many people that are interested in floating have concerns about being claustrophobic during their experience. At Northwest Float Center we have run thousands of floats, and consistently have had no issues with people feeling claustrophobic.  The reason is simple:  you are in control.  During a walkthrough explaining the experience, you will be shown how the float tank operates and some … Read More

The Dead Sea: A Natural Floatation Tank

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Floatation therapy is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. While floatation therapy usually takes place in manmade tanks, there is one exception in nature. Because of the incredible salt content in the Dead Sea, it is easy for things as heavy as humans to float. Here is everything you need to know about floating in the world’s largest “floatation tank.” About the … Read More

Common Fears Associated with Floatation Therapy

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Although floatation therapy is a relaxing, luxurious experience, many people are reluctant to try it for the first time. This hesitance is due to a number of fears. Most of these fears are completely ungrounded, because a float tank is a safe, secure environment. Additionally, there are certain steps you can take to manage specific fears. If any of the … Read More

How to Make the Most of Your First Float Session

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To maximize the benefits of a float session, it is important for those making their first foray into floating to develop an understanding of what the experience will be like. Even if you understand the process of floating, there are many practical details that might take you by surprise. Before your first float session, make sure to consider the following … Read More