How Floating Helps Sports Injuries

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Many people enjoy athletics, but with them comes the risk of injury, especially if you play contact sports. Many sports professionals encourage floating for training, injury recovery, and prevention. The many benefits of floatation therapy fit into two categories: psychological and physical. First, we will explore the psychological benefits to floating: Mental Training Every athlete knows mental preparation is just … Read More

Sport Psychology and Float Therapy: Can Floating Make You A Better Racer?

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Whether you’re training for a big race or just trying to beat your best time, floatation therapy can help you reach your goals. Reduced environmental stimulation therapy (REST) has been used by professional athletes in almost every sport worldwide to improve performance, increase energy, and reduce healing time. Physical benefits aren’t the only ones that can be reached through float … Read More

Floatation Therapy for Fitness Gurus

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For fitness gurus everywhere, it’s a constant challenge to find ways to speed up recovery and get back in the gym. Whether you are an athlete, body builder, or personal trainer, you may be interested in the incredible benefits of floatation therapy for recovery. Physical Recovery Benefits of Floatation Therapy When you overwork your body or expose muscles and nerves … Read More

Famous Floaters: A Look at Top Athletes Who Float

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The many benefits of floatation therapy have long attracted top athletes to the practice. While floatation therapy is highly beneficial for the average individual, it offers even greater advantages to athletes who enter the tank with specific goals. The Goals of Athletes Who Float In most cases, athletes use floatation therapy with one of two goals, which are healing from … Read More

How to Naturally Enhance Your Athletic Performance

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Although athletes often turn to floatation therapy in order to cope with an injury, floatation therapy can actually be used to enhance athletic performance as well. Floating can help to relax muscles so that an athlete is better prepared physically for a big event, but it can also be used to enhance mental clarity in athletes. Even if you aren’t … Read More

Floating For Athletes: Natural Physical Enhancement

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Did you know that floatation therapy is a great resource for athletes who want to enhance their physical performance in a natural way? Although floating is most often used in order to gain relief from pain and stress, many athletes have found that the benefits go beyond that. Floatation therapy allows you to heal your body in order to achieve … Read More