Complementary Treatments to Float Therapy

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Float therapy has been around for roughly 50 years, and studies have revealed its many physical and mental benefits. From pain management to psychological health, it should come as no surprise that this therapy is gaining popularity. Many people from all walks of life and for numerous reasons are seeking out sensory isolation floatation treatment. When Floating Isn’t Enough There … Read More

Float Away Your PMS Symptoms

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Menstrual periods can be a minor irritation or a major problem. Some people can go through their day as normal, and even forget about having their period. Others have an experience so severe they have to stay home from work once a month. Severe PMS symptoms are no joke; they can be relentless and stubborn, refusing to respond to medication. … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Helps Individuals With Muscular-Skeletal Conditions

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For many individuals who suffer from debilitating muscular-skeletal or rheumatic issues, pain may seem like an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, many of these health problems don’t have effective cures or long-term treatments, so many people find they are left to manage pain on their own. Floatation therapy offers huge benefits for these individuals. Even though floating won’t cure muscular-skeletal … Read More

How Can Floatation Therapy Help With Scoliosis?

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Scoliosis causes intense discomfort, and many individuals suffering from the condition are constantly searching for new and alternative ways to manage their pain. Even if you aren’t able to find permanent relief from the pain caused by scoliosis, there are a variety of ways to manage that pain so that you can continue to function well in normal life. Floatation … Read More

Luxurious Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

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For many holiday shoppers, it can be difficult to find the perfect Christmas present for their loved ones. In many cases, it can be hard to think of something that your loved one doesn’t already have. Giving the gift of a relaxing experience can be a thoughtful way to go, especially for someone who doesn’t often take much time for … Read More

5 Reasons to Float at a Tacoma Health Spa

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When you visit a Tacoma health spa in order to float, you gain the chance to experience a variety of benefits. Floatation therapy has become known for its ability to provide holistic, comprehensive healing, both mentally and physically. At Northwest Float Center, we have found that each floater has different goals for their time in the float tank. These are … Read More

Float Your Way to Holistic Stress Relief

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As our busy schedules create incredible stress in our lives, many of us are constantly searching for a reliable way to reduce our levels of stress. Although there are many ways to relieve stress, most of them treat symptoms instead of providing holistic stress relief. In order to achieve lasting relief from the effects of stress, try adding floatation therapy … Read More

The Best Method for Alternative Pain Relief: Floatation Therapy

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When you suffer from severe or chronic pain, your doctors may suggest a myriad of options for pain relief. However, if you want to avoid medicines and drugs that have other unwanted side effects, there are several options for alternative pain relief. One of the most popular methods of alternative pain relief is floatation therapy. Why Floatation Therapy? Although you … Read More