Can Floating Alleviate the Common Cold?

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Floatation therapy relieves the symptoms of many serious illnesses, such as migraines, depression, PTSD, and cancer. Thankfully, it’s beneficial for common conditions, too. For example, if you constantly battle the common cold, floatation therapy may be a solution.

Coping With Your Cold

In general, colds aren’t serious; they’re simply annoying viruses that reduce our ability to do what we need to for 7-10 days. However, dealing with a runny nose, sore throat, and low energy for days on end can wear anyone down. There’s no cure for the common cold, and although a plethora of cold remedies exist, doctors disagree on which ones are most effective.

Many doctors recommend saline drops and sprays or gargling with salt water to alleviate stuffiness and sore throats. This can work well in conjunction with floatation therapy, which are both natural remedies against this common virus. During a float session, you won’t smell or taste the salt; the goal of each session is complete sensory deprivation. Despite this, your brain will respond to salt exposure, which may help rebalance its chemicals. This chemical recalibration may help shorten your cold. If you float frequently, you may notice that, over time, salt exposure lessens your likelihood of contracting a cold.

Other Ways Float Therapy Helps Colds

Floating detoxifies your body starting from the moment the salt water touches your skin. The skin is the first place injuries and illnesses like the common cold enter your body. Floating helps the cold virus slowly leech out of your body the same way it entered. In addition, some doctors agree that floating “calms” the body, helping it focus on fighting the cold instead of processing external stimuli.

While in a float tank, you’ll be completely sensory deprived. In other words, you’ll no longer feel your congested chest or sore throat, so you won’t experience the stress of dealing with them. You can concentrate on relaxing and letting your body begin to heal rather than worrying over how long you’ve had the cold and if it will ever go away. We recommend floating in darkness with the tank door closed. This way, light and sound can’t reach you, and symptoms such as congestion and headaches won’t worsen.

Is It Comfortable to Float With a Cold?

Floating should alleviate some of the pain of a cold, but contact our staff first if you intend to come in with a cold. We’ll set up your floating experience for optimum comfort and minimize your time around other clients so the virus doesn’t spread. Contact us to set up a session and start feeling better.

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