Can Floatation Therapy Help Sunburn?

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Epsom salts are made of the minerals magnesium and sulfate, both essential to bodily nutrition and human health. That makes the unique salt an effective treatment for all sorts of topical problems we’ve all faced. Chronic pain, for example, is a common use for the age-old remedy. Old first aid kits used to have Epsom salts as a staple feature.

These curative salts are also a primary element in floatation therapy. Most float tanks are filled with enough salt to make the water saltier than the Dead Sea. Epsom salt is the main ingredient, in fact, for making floatation possible – the dissolved salt adds buoyancy and is why we are lifted to the surface of the water.

The Power of Magnesium

As the summer scorches on, an old use of Epsom salts becomes more and more relevant. Namely, the salt’s ability to treat sunburn. Excessive sun can burn our skin – from the palest to the darkest tone, we are all at risk without sunscreen. Should we be sunburned, however, one way to find relief from the burning, itchy skin is a soak in a float tank.

The most common topical application for Epsom salts involves warm water compresses, or more popularly, hot baths. Luckily, float sessions come pre-prepared for this exact situation with skin-temperature water and thousands of pounds of salt.

The main benefit from Epsom salts on the skin comes from its anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of magnesium. Many Americans eat too little magnesium in their diets, and the magnesium-rich waters in the tank allow the skin to absorb enough to make up for this deficit. This absorption has the added benefit of pain relief and skin softening, which is why sunburnt floaters find relief during and after their sessions.

Beautiful Skin

Topical application of Epsom salts is increasingly popular as a cosmetic. The magnesium in the salt softens the skin and can protect your skin from the sun as well. Floatation therapy offers not only stress and pain relief but also a spa-like skin treatment. Floating can be added to a beauty routine and help protect from the most common sun-related skin damage: especially wrinkles and burns.

The combination of the salt, water, and warmth also rehydrates the skin, keeping complexions smooth and healthy. Magnesium-rich Epsom salts relax our muscles, hydrate our skin and, combined with an hour in the float tank, provide invaluable relief from our daily stress and anxiety.


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