The Best Method for Alternative Pain Relief: Floatation Therapy

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When you suffer from severe or chronic pain, your doctors may suggest a myriad of options for pain relief. However, if you want to avoid medicines and drugs that have other unwanted side effects, there are several options for alternative pain relief. One of the most popular methods of alternative pain relief is floatation therapy.

Why Floatation Therapy?

Although you may be able to subdue pain by using medicine, most medicines won’t actually have a long-lasting effect. On the other hand, floatation therapy is believed to provide sustained relief from pain. It may not completely eliminate pain, but a regular floating routine can help you to maintain lower levels of pain throughout your day.

Floatation therapy is considered to be a particularly effective method of alternative pain relief for cases where the patient is suffering from severe pain. A study in Sweden found that individuals with intense pain who floated regularly for three weeks reported a significant decrease in their pain level.

One hour of float time is generally equivalent to several hours of deep sleep. That means that you can obtain intense rest during the time thanks to the decrease of your pain. Deeper rest is a key part of pain relief, as your body is more prepared to deal with pain and stress in your everyday life.

In addition to relieving pain, floatation therapy helps you maintain a more positive, optimistic outlook on life, which can be highly beneficial when dealing with intense pain. The complete relaxation experienced while floating allows you to let go of physical and mental tension, which lessens depression and stress.

Additional Benefits

In addition to providing alternative pain relief, floatation therapy provides many health benefits that will allow you to engage in a more active lifestyle despite your pain. For instance, the presence of Epsom salts helps to raise your magnesium levels, which can ease muscle pain, balance your electrolytes, and promote your body’s ability to regulate insulin.

Floatation therapy has been used to treat and manage many different types of chronic illnesses, including scoliosis, fibromyalgia, depression, and other types of diseases that cause high levels of pain. Even if floatation therapy is unable to fully manage your pain, the emotional benefits of floating may be enough of an inducement to continue floating regularly. However, most floaters experience incredible improvements in regards to pain.

What other methods of alternative pain relief have your tried?

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