The Benefits of Membership with Northwest Float Center

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If you have tried out floatation therapy, then you already know that it can provide many incredible benefits, including stress relief, enhanced fertility, relief from insomnia, and reduced levels of pain. Adding floatation therapy to your normal routine ensures that you will maintain these benefits on a long-term basis. In order to make sure that you float regularly, Northwest Float Center recommends that you become a member!

Membership Benefits

First and foremost, purchasing a membership allows you more frequent access to the float tanks. If you’ve already bought a certain number of float sessions, there’s no excuse to not fit floating into your day! We offer different levels of membership to accommodate the needs of members who want to float more or less regularly.

Members also pay less for their float sessions because they buy their sessions as a part of a package. Even better, if you want to purchase more time in the float tanks for a certain month, your extra sessions are significantly less expensive. Essentially, a membership with Northwest Float Center gives you the freedom to float as much as you want.

Levels of Membership

Northwest Float Center offers three different types of membership in order to cater to the varying needs of our floaters. Each of these membership levels provides excellent service and quality floating time, but they offer different amounts of floating time based on the price range.

  • Relaxer. As our most basic membership, this option ensures that you get 2 75-minute float sessions each month. With access to membership giveaways and a 10% discount on our merchandise, you automatically save $38 each month. If you want an extra float session for certain months, it only costs $45 to purchase additional floats.
  • Casual. Casual members pay a little bit more than Relaxer members in order to enjoy 4 75-minute floats each month. Like Relaxer members, this type of membership provides access to membership giveaways and a 10% discount on merchandise, but it allows you to save at least $113 per month, plus extra floats only cost $35.
  • Nirvana. With 8 75-minute float sessions per month, this is our ultimate membership. Nirvana members have the same advantages as Relaxer and Casual members, but they are able to save over $300 each month. Even better, extra floats for Nirvana members only cost $25.

Contact Northwest Float Center today to find out more about our exciting membership benefits!-

And don’t forget, our First One Hundred members receive 20% off of the previously mentioned prices.

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