Benefits of Floating for Veterans

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With Memorial Day not long past and Independence Day on the horizon, veterans are on everyone’s mind. This is particularly true in a place like Tacoma, with its proximity to military bases such as Fort Lewis, located just 9.1 miles south-southwest of the city. Our veterans are some of the hardest working people in America, with what is perhaps the most demanding and stressful occupation in existence. As such, they need effective ways to cope with stress when they’re home. Northwest Float Center offers one of the most beneficial therapies available.

How Float Therapy Helps Veterans

Floatation therapy helps veterans in a variety of physical and mental ways. For example, many veterans find that floating is a great way to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). About 20% of veterans struggle with PTSD every day. Although awareness of the disorder is higher than in the past, most veterans don’t feel completely understood. They report feeling “out of place” among civilians and experiencing “terror in public.” Being in combat can make activities that were once normal seem terrifying, which can be difficult for civilians to grasp.

Floating doesn’t cure PTSD, but it does quiet the body and mind in a way veterans need. At Northwest Float Center, we promote complete sensory deprivation while in the float tank. To achieve this, we recommend floating in total darkness with the tank door closed or ajar. Our clients experience no external or internal stimuli while floating, so their brains have nothing to process. Some veterans, like Cody Austill, have reported a feeling of “disappearance” while undergoing floatation therapy.

Without the need to process stimuli, veterans can stop thinking about their combat experiences and simply “be.” Each tank uses salt to ensure a constant feeling of floating rather than being submerged or fighting gravity and water. The water stays at body temperature, so the experience is never disrupted because a client is uncomfortable. Our clients have the option of floating in bathing attire or not, depending on his or her preference.

Additionally, float therapy can help veterans who experience physical symptoms. Combat often leads to serious wounds, including limb amputation or sensory loss. This can result in further trauma, physical pain, muscle weakness, atrophy, and other problems. Floatation therapy helps your muscles relax and releases endorphins, which act like natural painkillers. Over time, your physical symptoms will lessen, improving quality of life.

If you’re a veteran who wants to try floating, contact us for an appointment any time.

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