Awakening Your Spirituality and Other Positive Floating Effects

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The benefits of floating are numerous, and everyone’s experience in the chamber is unique. Many use it as a form of physical therapy, to recover from injury or alleviate chronic neck and back pain. Athletes find it refreshes tired muscles. Those who suffer from joint issues and inflammation find that they are better able to move after floating. But in addition to physical advantages, floating offers increased spiritual health and mindfulness.

Some people overcome fears, and others work through complicated work problems. Still more find they can completely let themselves go and enjoy the therapy of the moment. Many floaters experience a spiritual awakening or strengthening by floating.

A Holistic Experience

When floaters enter the chamber, they soon leave an awareness of their bodies behind. Floaters can quickly move into a calming, meditative state, which becomes the perfect springboard for a deeper spiritual experience. Like meditation, a floating session can enhance a sense of connection to the larger world outside.

Because the water’s temperature matches that of the skin, and due to the body’s weightlessness in the tank, floaters quickly lose their sense of physical boundaries. This physical detachment opens up a world of spiritual possibility.

The deeply restorative experience also leaves floaters open to ongoing spiritual and emotional wellness after their session has ended. Think of floating like a restful night’s sleep. When you wake fully rested and energized, you’re far less likely to be irritable throughout the day, more likely to listen to others, and more likely to be sensitive to your own physical needs. All of these things come together to create a more emotionally and spiritually healthy life.

Floating offers the experience of restful sleep, multiplied. Many floaters report entering a state of mental blankness when in the tank. This gives the mind, which works creatively even when we sleep, a much-needed chance to rest. This sort of down time is essential to mental wellness. Without a break from the ongoing stress of daily life, the constant swarm of thoughts our minds produce, we wear down. After a session, many floaters feel mentally, as well as physically, rested.

It’s when we are at our most peaceful and relaxed that we are most open to spiritual awakenings. Time spent in a floatation chamber is the perfect opportunity to quiet our minds, reconnect with our inner self. Mindfulness is more than a time to recharge. It’s an opportunity to hear our inner voice sing.

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    Hi there can you tell me the difference between the process with wet and dry floatation please? Thank you

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