Avoid Plastic Surgery with the Help of Floatation Therapy

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Invasive plastic surgery procedures and Botox injections have their place, but it’s good to know more natural methods exist for wrinkle erasure and reduction. Floatation therapy may seem like a foreign term for beauty enhancement, but it is actually a very beneficial option backed by years of practice. Let’s take a look at how floatation therapy can reduce the need for plastic surgery:

Floatation Therapy Reduces Stress

Floatation therapy is so beneficial because it starts with the root of the problem, not the subsequent symptoms. It uses sensory deprivation to produce deep muscular, physical, and mental relaxation. And as one notable author writes, “Any noticeable skin disorder should be regarded as stress related until proven otherwise.” Stress causes a number of unwanted medical complications, and wrinkles appear to be one of them. Having regular stress reduction practices in place can prevent the majority of wrinkles altogether.

Anti-Gravity Benefits

Floatation tanks produce a gravity-free environment for the body. Gravity affects your body all the time, pulling at every part of you. That constant force eventually creates wrinkles in your skin. Floatation tanks can give you relief from gravity’s tugging. Without the pull on your face, muscles can reach a state of total relaxation and rest. This can actually help reverse age marks and wrinkles which already existed.

Healthy Skin

By reducing the stress on cells beneath the surface, skin is able thrive like never before. In addition to healthier cells, the Epsom salts in the tank’s water is known to have therapeutic properties. These properties help eliminate body toxins, smooth the skin, and even improve skin tone. The presence of Epsom salts also means you don’t have to worry about wrinkled skin after a floatation session.

Enhanced Immunity

Because floatation therapy reduces stress levels, it is an effective tool for reducing chemicals which weaken the immune system (like excessive cortisol and ACTH). The deep state of relaxation reached during a float session enhances the body’s homeostasis and strengthens the immune system. A strengthened immune system means the body is better able to supply necessary nutrients to combat aging.

If you are bothered by wrinkles and aging, you should know there are alternatives to plastic surgery and Botox. Floatation therapy has been around for years and helps people from all walks of life improve their mental and physical well-being. Contact Northwest Float Center today to find out how floatation therapy can help you reduce stress and combat the aging process.

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