Anti-Stress Gifts Your Family Will Love

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We all deal with stress; some of us more than others. Floatation is hard to beat when it comes to relaxation, so consider a gift card or session from the NWFC. If floating is not your cup of tea, Northwest Float Center has chosen some other favorite stress-reducing gifts to keep your Christmas season peaceful and relaxed.

Floatation Gift Cards

At Northwest Float Center, we’ve seen floatation therapy help a plethora of clients. Our clients come from all walks of life and deal with various stressors, whether physical or psychological. A float session in one of our sensory deprivation tanks relieves their stress, helping them focus and communicate better outside the float center.

Many clients attend float sessions on their own, but we also recommend floating as a couple or a family. Floatation is safe; even small children can do it if an adult is in the tank with them. Most couples and families find floating helps them communicate honestly and deal with issues they were previously afraid to bring up.

When you purchase a NWFC floatation gift card, you are giving an experience, not a material item. Material gifts get boring after a while, especially for children. In addition, these gifts are often expensive or difficult to find. Many of them end up exchanged because they somehow did not “work” for the recipient. With a NWFC gift card, these pitfalls won’t exist. Your recipient will remember the experience fondly and may become a long-term NWFC client.

Aromatherapy Gifts

Like floating, aromatherapy is a proven stress reliever. Companies like DoTerra offer a plethora of essential oils, which NWFC highly recommends. Consider aromatherapy gifts such as bath bombs, essential oil diffusers, bath salts, and lotions. Choose your recipient’s favorite essential oils; if you don’t know them, vanilla and lavender are good “starter” choices. These gifts give recipients the luxury of spa days at home.

Massage Gifts

Stress leads to tense muscles, which can lead to injuries. Massage-centered gifts are the perfect way to alleviate this stress symptom. While you can buy an expensive massage chair, it isn’t necessary. Start with a foot massager and warmer, which often comes in the form of attractive slippers. Massaging bed rests and handheld massagers are also available.

Facial Gifts

While most people associate facials with women, increasing numbers of men are benefiting, too. Facials open your pores, let your muscles relax, and remove toxins from your body. If your recipient loves facials, offer him or her a Dead Sea mud mask, facial steamer, or under-eye patches. Gentle face lotions are another good choice.

For more stress relieving gift suggestions, or to purchase a gift card, contact NWFC today.

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