Alternative Mental Health Therapies to Consider

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People are increasingly turning to natural alternatives to pharmaceutical options. If you’re not interested in taking medications to curb depression, ease anxiety, or regulate your mood, you may have other options. Consistent talk therapy, floatation tank sessions, hypnosis, and mindfulness can all play a role in helping people overcome common mental health struggles.

It’s important to note that Northwest Float Center does not advocate stopping physician-recommended treatments. Talk to your health care provider before stopping any treatment or starting any recommended therapy. Everyone is affected by mental health issues differently, and you should always work with a qualified health professional to find the right combination of treatments. Consider these therapies as a complement to your traditional treatments:


If you hear the word hypnosis, your mind probably runs wild with images of swinging necklaces and a voice telling you you’re “getting verrry sleepy.” But in reality, hypnosis is a scientifically accepted behavior modification tool. At its core, hypnosis is simply a guided state of intense concentration. It allows you to process information in a way that’s fundamentally different from your typical, alert state. In psychology, it’s a complementary therapy for issues like smoking cessation, insomnia, phobia mastery, stress problems, obsessions, and anxiety. It can be administered by a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist.


We couldn’t have a section on alternative therapies without mentioning floatation. Floating has been proven to help with a range of mental health problems: It helps control feelings of stress, reduces anxiety, and can even help with symptoms of depression. For those who suffer from neurologic pain, such as fibromyalgia, float therapy can help calm the mind and reduce the perception of pain. When used as a part of a healthy lifestyle and physician-supervised treatment plan, float therapy can help prevent and reduce severity of a number of mental health afflictions.


Mindfulness can promote relaxation and mental well-being. Yogis are well known for their ability to achieve calm and inner piece by using simple breathing techniques and meditation. But you don’t have to visit an ashram to get the mind-boosting benefits. Start by focusing on your breathing – inhaling in through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth. In the short term, meditation can help calm a stress response and keep anxiety in check. Try it whenever you’re feeling stuck in a state of high stress, obsessive thinking, or anxiety.

Alternative treatments can help you live a full, happy life. See the difference a float session can make today!

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