Northwest Float Center in Tacoma, Washington originated from a conversation about floating between two long time friends, Kriss Brooks and Alex Ziegler. What began as an idea to open a float center quickly turned into reality as two words kept resurfacing: “Why not?”

We wanted to open a float center that would help people in the most fundamental way and experience the healing from floating that we felt. As more and more people are living in a world where there is constant internal and external stimulation, we wanted to give people a chance to get in a float tank, relax and hit the reset button.


Kriss Brooks


“I was put out of work due to a serious back injury I sustained overseas. My brother suggested flotation therapy to me and it has transformed my life. I wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible and it was clear to me that I needed to open a float center.”


Alex Ziegler


“Meditation and expanded conscience have always intrigued me. I was never able to fully let go and truly experience stillness until I spent time in a float tank and in today’s society that is extremely valuable. I want others to feel the benefits that I used to search for.”

Our Local Partners

Being a locally-owned small business, it only makes sense for us to support other great and local small businesses when we can.

That's why Northwest Float Center partners with Tacoma-area businesses, including gyms, yoga studios and wellness centers.

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Employment Opportunities

We are always seeking great people!

Would you be interested in working as a float tank facilitator, or know someone who would be?

We are looking for dedicated individuals that are hard working and thrive in providing world-class customer service. Hours are flexible, looking for part-time and full time.

The ideal person to join our team is passionate about floating and carries a degree in or is a student studying marketing, psychology, or generally an active and awesome person! E-mail frontdesk (at) with your resume.

Enough about us.

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