8 Natural Tips to Sleep Better

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As people living in modern times, it’s hard for us to sleep properly. Television and computers create distractions, and the anxiety caused by our daily lives causes some people to lay in bed going over small but stressful details in their minds. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to get better rest.

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

The first step to take toward a better night’s rest is to begin regulating your sleep schedule. Choose set times to go to bed and wake up. Then stick to those times. Having an irregular sleep schedule causes stress in the body and makes it harder to sleep well.

Create the Right Environment

Having a distraction-free environment is crucial to restful sleep. This includes not falling asleep while watching TV, as this device creates too much noise to get the most out of sleep. Other ways to minimize distractions include setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and resting on a proper mattress and pillow to encourage quality sleep.

Watch Your Diet

Eating until you’re full may make you drowsy, but the stomach needs time to digest – and digestion is work for the body. Because the body is working to process that food, it makes it more difficult to actually fall asleep. To whatever extent possible, be sure to avoid eating in the hour or two before bedtime.

Use Lavender

In studies, lavender has been shown to help people fall asleep more quickly and also encourages better quality sleep. Most experts recommend using an aromatherapy spray that contains real lavender. Spray the lavender aromatherapy on your pillow before bedtime to encourage a good night’s rest.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga allows people to clear their mind of distractions – both outer distractions like noise, and inner distractions like stress and anxiety. Yoga also works out the body while relaxing the muscles making the body physically tired and relaxed enough to sleep well.

Natural Supplements

Herbal supplements like valerian and chamomile work to calm the body so you can sleep more soundly. Melatonin is also effective for short-term sleep problems. Melatonin is found naturally inside the body and is linked to the body’s natural sleep regulation. Synthetic melatonin can be purchased to further aid this process.

Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy works in two ways to help achieve better sleep. It quiets the mind, allowing daily anxiety to dissipate during sleeping hours. It also relaxes the muscles in the back and neck that, when not attended to properly, make it difficult to sleep well.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If quality sleep is still too elusive, seeing a professional might be the right choice. Cognitive behavioral therapy is good for developing a range of sleep techniques such as relaxation exercises, stimulus control, and sleep restriction.

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