5 Reasons to Float at a Tacoma Health Spa

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When you visit a Tacoma health spa in order to float, you gain the chance to experience a variety of benefits. Floatation therapy has become known for its ability to provide holistic, comprehensive healing, both mentally and physically. At Northwest Float Center, we have found that each floater has different goals for their time in the float tank. These are our top 5 reasons to take the time to float!

Stress Relief

In our busy modern world, everyone is stressed. Floatation therapy at a Tacoma health spa offers you a chance to leave all of that stress behind for an hour in order to relax and focus on inner healing. Whether you explore your consciousness in the tank or simply sleep, this is your chance to let all of your stress go as you get rid of the sensory overload of modern life.

Pain Relief

Many people are attracted to floatation therapy due to its ability to provide incredible pain relief. By eliminating the pull of gravity, float tanks can allow your body to relax and move freely in a way that reduces even the most intense pain. Since there is no other way to completely eliminate the pressure and pull of gravity and the weight of your body, floatation therapy at a Tacoma health spa provides an entirely unique sensation.

Increased Fertility

Fertility is a major problem for many couples. Since stress is a major factor in fertility, floatation therapy is believed to promote higher levels of fertility. Experts recommend that women who want to conceive should float every few days during their fertile period in order to increase their chances of conception. Once a woman becomes pregnant, floatation therapy is also recommended in order to reduce the discomfort caused by the weight of the baby on the pelvis and spine.

Reduced Insomnia

The intense rest caused by floatation therapy can have a profound effect on your ability to sleep for several days afterwards. If you are struggling with insomnia, a regular routine of floating may help you to enjoy deep sleep while floating as well as rest at night.

Relief from Chronic Diseases

Since floating is known to decrease high levels of pain, many patients who suffer from pain due to chronic diseases turn to floating to help them manage their pain. For instance, floatation therapy can help to control pain caused by fibromyalgia, rheumatism, and migraines.

Visit your local Tacoma health spa in order to gain the incredible benefits that come with floatation therapy!

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