4 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress

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If you are like most Americans, you have felt work-related stress at some point in your life. No matter what your occupation, it is important to understand that there are ways to reduce your stress before it becomes harmful to your physical and emotional health. When you recognize your stressors, build boundaries, and take time to revitalize, you can transform your entire day.

Identify the Cause

Sometimes people are so busy trying to accomplish daily tasks and put out fires, they don’t stop to analyze what’s causing their intense anxiety. The first step to reducing stress is to identify its cause. Here are some of the most common sources of workplace stress:

  •         Your organization might be understaffed, leaving you with more responsibilities than you can accomplish.
  •         You may have heard about recent cutbacks and fear being laid off.
  •         Management may be increasing expectations without providing more tools or resources.
  •         Supervisors might micromanage, leaving you no autonomy or breathing room.

When you take time to note what’s creating the pressure, sometimes you can recognize ways to relieve it.

Reduce Interruptions

Most people receive a constant stream of communication through email, phone calls, text messages, and social media. The distraction cuts productivity and causes you to feel frustration. Set aside portions of the day where you turn off as many distractions as possible. Disable email and messaging notifications, close your door for a specific period, and allow yourself to accomplish a large chunk of work. Set aside another time for answering email and having in-person conversations.

Develop Support Relationships

Sometimes just talking about what’s bothering you helps reduce the effects of stress. If you’re experiencing unrealistic expectations or hard-to-achieve deadlines, your co-workers might be as well. Realizing you’re not alone can help you regain your calm. Talk to a co-worker you can trust and reach out to supportive friends and family.

Relieve Pressure

If you feel your stress level gradually rising throughout the day, continually repressing negative emotions will cause you to either react negatively or leave exhausted. When you start to feel stressed, stop what you’re doing to take a few deep breaths. Step away from your problem and notice how the air feels as it flows in and out of your lungs. Allow your muscles to relax, visualizing the stress slipping off like rain running off a window.

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