4 Ways to Preemptively Manage Stress as a Student

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For students, stress may seem like a constant and inevitable part of life. Each semester, homework, responsibilities, and other commitments are sure to accumulate and cause major stress before the semester is even halfway over. When it’s time to take finals or turn in a term paper, the stress can push you to a breaking point. However, by taking your health seriously and cultivating positive habits, you can refuse to allow stress to build throughout each semester. To avoid getting overwhelmed by stress, try adding some of the following habits to your routine.

1. Make a Plan

One of the best ways to minimize stress is to make careful plans for dealing with classes and other responsibilities. If you have a big paper or test coming up, plan out specific times to work on the paper or study for the test. Without a plan, you’re sure to end up pulling an all-nighter just before the assignment is due.

2. Use a Calendar

To stay organized it’s important to use a calendar. Note the dates of those important study sessions and stick to your plan. When given an assignment, write it into your calendar so you can see it coming. When friends want to get together, you can easily check your calendar to make sure that you aren’t double-booking yourself and creating more stress.

3. Don’t Over Commit

Even if you don’t double-book your calendar, it’s important to avoid saying “yes” to too many activities and responsibilities. Choose one or two clubs or teams to get involved with, and don’t be afraid to say “no” to the rest. If you get involved in too many things, chances are you won’t truly enjoy the time spent on any single activity.

4. Float Regularly

Floatation therapy is an invaluable stress-management tool for students. Taking the time to completely escape from the pressures of school allows you to refocus and recharge so that you’re better prepared to deal with many different responsibilities. Even better, floating promotes relaxation and pain relief, so the tension that builds up in your body during a busy week disappears in the float tank.

Take control of stress by planning regular float sessions in your weekly schedule. Even if things seem too hectic or stressful, it’s important to remember the benefits of floating and make sure that it stays in your schedule. Just one hour of floating each week may help maintain your focus (and sanity) throughout the busiest of semesters!

Find out more by visiting your nearest floatation center.

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